Wonderfall XL Silver & Gold Mylar Mixes


Gold and Silver Mylar Confetti  is sold in 3 pound bags.  As an additive, mix it in with Wonderfall XL plastic snow, or our white tissue snow confetti.  You can also add it to your custom color mix of XL Tissue Confetti  at a ratio that works best for your scene or display.

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Add sparkle by mixing in your desired ratio of Silver or Gold Mylar to XL Snow or XL Tissue Confetti  for the perfect falling effect for your stage or event.  You can also create a more solid Silver or Gold falling effect– a very shimmering, light reflecting WOW! — effect by using only Silver and Gold or a mix of the two.  If you choose to do this, and this is IMPORTANT– Metallic Mylar is heavy, and lies very flat and therefore does not agitate out of Wonderfall XL well by itself.  Mixing Mylar with at least 20% of tissue confetti (yellow or white confetti works best) OR 20% shredded plastic snow is recommended.  As a result, your Gold and Silver Mylar fluff up and agitate out of Wonderfall XL  machine well for a great effect.  It’s an easy process and it looks great! Call or let us know in your order if you need ideas or help in that area and we will be glad to serve you.


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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions13 × 13 × 2.5 in