Wonderfall JR Flower Petals


Flower petal shapes are sold in 3 pound bags.  The petals have a beatiful, gentle, wave-like fall that hang in the air a long time and are a perfect compliment to any setting . They are great for theater, weddings, windows, and parties. The tissue leaves and flower petals release randomly for a perfectly natural look and that will leave people mezmerized.  Feel free to call for more details or ideas.

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WE HAVE FLOWER PETALS! Choose one color or Mix and Match tissue Flower Petal Confetti for an amazing,Wonderfall Flower Petal falling effect sure to WOW! your friends and clients.  Our biodegradable tissue breaks down fast too so you can use outside!  One bag will fill Wonderfall JR. for up to 4 hours of falling confetti. Most importantly…fluff your confetti! Remember, confetti packs down during shipping, so just prior to filling Wonderfall JR. with confetti,  pour your Flower Petal tissue confeti  in a kitchen size garage bag and fluff. See full instructions included with the purchase of  Wonderfall JR.  Our Flower Petal Confetti is perfectly sized to work great in Wonderfall JR. and has a beautiful wave-like fall  through the air which is perfect for your Party, Wedding,  Event, Stage or Display.

  • For use with Wonderfall JR.
  • One 6oz of bag of Flower Petals lasts 4+ hours
  • Beautiful wave-like fall that hangs beautifully in the air
  • Petals fall with a gentle, natural randomness
  • Biodegradable tissue and can be used outside


Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6.5 × 2.5 × 1 in